For Fall 2006, only 96 African-American students are among the entering freshman class of 4852 at UCLA (20 of the 96 are athletes). This represents only 2% of the entire Fall 2006 freshman class and is the smallest African-American freshman class in more than 30 years. UCLA admitted only 1 out of every 9 African-American applicants for Fall 2006 – the lowest ever – while admitting 1 out 4 of all other applicants.

Admission of African-American students has dropped 65% since the implementation of Prop 209.

Los Angeles has the second largest African American population (876,304) of all the nation’s counties (9.8% black).

For Fall 2005, UCLA ranked 29th in the admission of African American students out of the Top 30 highly selective colleges and universities (2.7%). Percentages of incoming African-American students at other top California schools for Fall 2005: Stanford: 9.5% University of Southern California: 4.8% University of California, Berkeley 3.1%.

The Los Angeles Unified School District is 10% black.

Famous Black Alumni of UCLA: Jackie Robinson, Tom Bradley (former mayor of LA), Dr. Ralph Bunche (First black Nobel Peace Prize winner), Johnnie Cochran, Arthur Ashe, Congresswoman Diane Watson.

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Source:Merit Matters: Race, Myth & UCLA Admissions, Sept. 2006. Ralphe Bunche Center for African-American Studies at UCLA 

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