The Legend of the Native American Dreamcatcher – Meaning, Symbols and Usage.


The dreamcatcher is now generally associated with the legend of the Native American culture. However, the real Legend of the Native American dreamcatcher shows that it has been originated from the particular tribe of the Ojibwa Chippewa. The Lakota is another tribe with its own legend concerning about how the dream catchers were originated. Most of the ethnographers today believe…

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Goals To increase the number of enrolled African-American and other underrepresented students at UCLA for 2007 and beyond! The Long Term Goal To successfully create a long-lasting educational initiative that will prepare young people from underrepresented communities from around the country for higher education.

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For Fall 2006, only 96 African-American students are among the entering freshman class of 4852 at UCLA (20 of the 96 are athletes). This represents only 2% of the entire Fall 2006 freshman class and is the smallest African-American freshman class in more than 30 years. UCLA admitted only 1 out of every 9 African-American applicants for Fall 2006 – the lowest ever –…

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